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1. Are fees and applications available online?
2. Can I pay my trash bill online?
3. Can I register online for recreation programs?
4. Do you have a Township map for residents?
5. How do I report a street light not working?
6. How do I report downed wires?
7. How much trash/bulk items can I put out?
8. I have questions regarding my property tax. Who do I contact?
9. I have questions regarding the school district. Who should I contact?
10. Where can I drop off unused expired or unused, prescribed and over-the-counter medication?
11. My trash/recycling wasn't picked up, how do I report it?
12. How do I find information on street sweeping, snow plow, leaf collection?
13. What are your business hours?
14. When do I need a building permit?
15. When do the trash bills get mailed?
16. When is the swale (brush drop off location) open?
17. Where do I arrange my trash billing and pickup?
18. Where do I vote?