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Temple Halloween Parade Application with Rules & Regulations

  1. HALLOWEEN PARADE Event Art 19

    1. The Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to limit the number of entries in any category and to reject/refuse any entry. All entries will be evaluated for acceptance based on entertainment value, connection to the Halloween theme, compliance with parade rules and suitability for the entire family. Individual entries will not be accepted.

    2.  Entry deadline for all categories is Wednesday, September 14th.  Applications received after this date will not be given consideration.  

    3. All units must have an approval document to participate in the parade. Applicants will be notified, preferably by email, normally two weeks before the parade date as to whether they are approved to be in the parade and in what division they will be marching. Please call 610-929-4727 ext. 264 if you do not hear from the Parks Dept. prior to the parade date. To insure receipt of this confirmation letter, applications must be received by the deadline date.

    4. No material of any sort (candy, toys, etc.) may be thrown from cars or by people walking in the parade. This regulation was adopted as a safety measure. Parade participants must hand out appropriate items by walking along the curb. The group may not be invited to participate in future parades.

    5. Elected officials from the local, state and national levels who represent the area comprised of Muhlenberg Township and Laureldale Borough are invited to participate in the parade. Floats or units sponsored by or depicting a political organization or candidate are not permitted.

    6. Parade units must keep moving during the parade at all times unless directed to stop by a parade official. Stopping and performing along parade is prohibited. Maintain a space of about three (3) car lengths between you and the parade unit in front of you. Please do not get too far behind the group in front of you. It allows the crowd time to get restless and they tend to flow into the streets. Safety becomes an issue.

     7. All units must reflect a Halloween Theme. Units may not be predominantly commercial in nature. Please have a sign (no less than 24” by 14”) on your float. This helps the stand announcers identify what group you are in the parade. The solicitation of business, political, religious, or other programs is NOT permitted.

    8. All youth entries must have adequate adult supervision.

    9. The use or possession of alcoholic beverages anytime before or during the Parade is strictly prohibited. Smoking during the Parade is also prohibited. The Muhlenberg School Campus is a smoke free campus. Please refrain from smoking while on school property.

    10. Any parade participant/unit with animals MUST have personnel to “scoop” animal waste immediately. Proper disposal is the responsibility of the unit.

    11. Parade units and participants must be decorated and costumed to reflect the Halloween theme.

    12. Units are required to immediately clean up and properly dispose of any trash generated by their participation in the lineup (staging) area, parade route and disbanding area.  

     13. All Business float/ group (a for profit organization) will be charged a nominal fee of $25.00 to participate in the parade.  A for profit organization is classified as anyone that needs a business license to run their business. If your business name/ logo is display within this entry you are considered a Business float/ group and the $25 fee applies.

    The fee will be used to help defray the cost for the High School Bands to participate in the parade.  High Schools have the cost of a bus and driver’s wages to cover to come and entertain to public.  We thank you for that donation 

    14. The use of sirens and air horns is limited to emergency response only!! If you must leave the parade to respond to an emergency, please use the next available intersecting street. Remember to safeguard other parade units and spectators as you exit.

    15. If you plan to have recorded music, please consider not having it unless it enhances you float and/or performance in some way. Over the years we have had many groups wanting to have music. It gets very difficult to place them far enough apart in the parade line up so that the music does not interfere with each group. Any help would be appreciated.     

    16. The parade will form at Muhlenberg Schools along Sharp Avenue, Laureldale. Space is limited at the formation area and only those vehicles in the parade will be allowed to enter. A specific parade division and line up location will be identified in the parade approval letter. Please pass along your Division assignment to your entire group. Parents should be aware that they will need to walk their child into the staging area if they are with a youth group

    17. The parade will begin along Sharp Avenue on the School District property, and then proceed north on Kutztown Road. The parade will turn left onto Mt. Laurel Avenue in the village of Temple ending at 7th Avenue.

    18. Motorized vehicles in the parade must be operated in an appropriate manner to safeguard the public and other parade participants as determined by the Parks and Recreation Department and the Police Department. Please no 4-wheelers. 

    19. Vehicles that are not licensed to operate on PA roadways must be delivered to the line-up location and also picked up at the parade end by a properly licensed vehicle or trailer.

    20. In the event of inclement weather conditions on Parade Day, information about whether the parade will be postponed can be obtained by calling Muhlenberg Township at (610) 929-4727 then press #2 to hear the message.  A call will not be made until after 3PM on event day. You can also check out our website at or our Facebook page at


    Parade application deadline is Wednesday, September 14th. 

  4. This year we will be using email to send confirmations for the parade. Please provide a valid email address that you check regularly.  We also ask that you check the read receipt button when the confirmation is sent.  Thank you.

  5. Electronic Signature Agreement

    As a prerequisite to participate in the Temple Halloween Parade the undersigned, as the responsible party and representa­tive for all participants of the aforementioned entry, knowingly and voluntarily assumes, on behalf of all participants, any and all risks inherent to participation in the Parade. Further, the undersigned waives on their behalf and all participants associated with this entry, any rights to claims against Muhlenberg Township, Muhlenberg Township Parks & Recreation Department, their officials, volunteers, agents or employees for any reason including but not limited to, loss of life, bodily injury, property damage and/or loss that may be sustained as a result of participation in the Parade. The undersigned acknowledges receipt of, and agrees on their behalf and all participants associated with the entry, to abide by the rules and regulations for participation in the Temple Halloween Parade. Acceptance of this application and participation in the Parade is strictly subject to the discretion of the Parade Committee and the Committee reserves the absolute right to reject any application for participation in the Parade. Submission of a signed application shall not be deemed as granting any applicant the right to enter or participate in the Parade.  

  6. Please provide the number of those riding and/or walking

  7. Will you have music?
  8. Please provide a brief announcement using 75 words or less for use at the parade announcing stands.  

  9. Describe any special needs or requests. If you want to be in a certain division, please let us know (Requests are not guaranteed.) 

  10. Rain Date Participation

    In the event the parade is canceled due to rain, will this entry participate on the rain date on Sunday at 4:00PM?    

  11. For school bands and other non-profit groups from past parades
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