How Will FastBridge Utilize Easements & Right-Of-Ways?

The FastBridge crew will be working on public rights-of-way and utility easements that may be located on your property. If the fiber in a neighborhood is being buried, FastBridge will install a small underground container between adjacent houses. This container will contain fiber, enabling FastBridge to connect the two homes to its network, should the homeowners choose to do so. Please note: this is an installation of a public utility. This construction is no way binds to your any service or contract. The choice to sign up with FastBridge’s fiber optic network is completely up to you.  

During Construction, colored flags and paint will be used to mark existing utilities. In neighborhoods where Fastbridge will be burying the fiber, a utility locating company and/or the power company uses a system to mark existing utility lines with colored flags and temporary paint. These markers help FasBridge’s crews to avoid damage during construction. These markers are extremely important to prevent interruptions in local utility services and prevent injury from ruptured gas or electricity lines. Residents are asked to not disturb any flags/markings.

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