How will cleanup and restoration be handled?

The team at FastBridge Fiber is committed to thorough clean-up after every job, aiming to leave homes and neighborhoods in their original, pristine state.

Upon completion of construction and subject to weather conditions, FastBridge Fiber's professional crews endeavor to restore affected areas to as close to their original condition as possible, adhering to industry best practices.

Before beginning construction, FastBridge Fiber conducts a thorough documentation of each neighborhood, which includes taking aerial photos of the area.

Concrete/Asphalt Restoration If FastBridge's crews cause damage to concrete or asphalt driveways or sidewalks during construction, they will return to repair the affected spot once construction is complete. However, FastBridge does not restore existing cracks or damaged sidewalks or driveways.

Lawn Restoration FastBridge's crews will rake, seed, and straw the areas where digging occurred after construction is finished. Property owners are advised to water the grass seed, especially during dry periods. FastBridge cannot work around, move, or care for any flowers or plants located in utility easements. Before construction begins in a neighborhood, FastBridge will leave a door hanger and/or send a construction notification by mail. Property owners concerned about their plants are recommended to relocate them before construction starts to ensure they remain undisturbed.

Other Underground Items For properties with a sprinkler system, invisible dog fence, or any other underground items, FastBridge advises marking these areas with white flags or paint as a precaution. This assists FastBridge's crews in exercising caution around these areas. Property owners can also report any underground items by contacting FastBridge (800.661.0232) and provide a brief description of the items and their locations.

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