Can the construction process be explained?

FastBridge's construction process varies depending on each neighborhood's layout. It generally involves digging small pits to locate existing utilities on both sides of driveways and using equipment to tunnel underneath them. Conduit is placed within public rights-of-way, and laterals are positioned under the sidewalk into small underground boxes at lot lines, facilitating future customer installations.

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1. How long does construction take to complete in a neighborhood?
2. Can the construction process be explained?
3. Why was a particular area chosen for building?
4. What Exactly are Easements and Right-Of-Ways?
5. How Will FastBridge Utilize Easements & Right-Of-Ways?
6. Does FastBridge Fiber have permission to be on private properties?
7. Is it possible for property owners to opt out of having fiber installed on their property?
8. Will FastBridge Fiber restore properties to their pre-construction state?
9. How will cleanup and restoration be handled?
10. Can service be signed up for even while construction crews are still working in a neighborhood?