Spring Fiesta Vendor Application

Spring Fiesta_Vendor App

2024 Spring Fiesta Vendor Application


  • The event day is Saturday, June 8 from 11 AM to 9 PM. The event is rain or shine.  
  • You will receive more specific event information approximately two weeks before the festival.  
  • Any refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  

Set Up and Tear Down

  • Set up can occur on Friday, June 7 from 12 noon to 7 PM (which we strongly encourage) and on Saturday, June 8 from 8 AM and 10:30 AM.  Larger trailers and vehicles might consider contacting us for an earlier time frame on Friday, since it may be more difficult for your equipment to be placed once smaller vendors are set up.  
  • As soon as you have everything unloaded, please move your vehicle to the designated parking area.  
  • Absolutely NO vehicles are allowed in the festival area between 10:30 AM and 9 PM. If you arrive after 10 AM for set up, you cannot participate and forfeit all deposits paid. Vendor’s cars must be removed from the festival area and parked in a designated parking area. You must be ready for sales by 11 AM.  All participants must stay until 9 PM 
  • Vendors may set up a canopy if desired. All canopies must be secured with sandbags or other objects to prevent them from lifting from the wind. Tent pegs must be covered and marked with bright colors. 
  • You have the opportunity to tell us how much space you require for your display, so please stay within the space you requested and is designated for you.  
  • The Township is not responsible for any merchandise or setup that is left overnight. We will have limited security, so you leave items at your own risk.   

Trash Removal

  • You are responsible for keeping your area free from trash.  
  • Do not place trash in any of the trash receptacles inside the festival area.
  • Vendors who do not properly dispose of their trash will not be invited to participate in future festivals. 

Other Guidelines

  • All of your item prices must be posted.  Advertising items in English and Spanish might be helpful.
  • Please remember to bring all necessary supplies.  Don’t forget such items as tables, table coverings, signs, cash register, extra cash (small bills) and change, etc.  Most banks are not close to JDP and the festival committee does not have access to change.
  • If you owe commission from sales, that fee must be paid at the end of the festival.   This will be done in the beverage tent area.  If we do not receive your commission payment on the day of the event, or if there is reason to believe that you are not being honest with your sales figures and commissions, you will not be invited to return in subsequent years.  
  • If you are providing free handouts of any sort, they must be approved by the festival committee.  Giving out free food or drink is not permitted.

Additional Guidelines for Food Vendors


  • Please bring water with you for your stand use.  We do not have water access at this part of the park where we have this event.
  • All vendors using any type of heating apparatus (grills, fryers, etc.)MUST have proper fire extinguishers at their stand.  Fryers require Class K extinguishers and grills require ABC type extinguishers.  The festival committee will not provide extinguishers.  If you do not have the proper extinguishers at your stand, you will not be able to grill or fry.
  • Grease catchers must be used if cooking on a grill.  Please bring appropriate containers for storing the grease. Do not put any grease in any drains or dumps on the property.  You will be fined according to DEP regulations.
  • If you use peanut oil for frying that must be posted as well.
  • Grills and the gas for grills will not be supplied by the festival committee.
  • Food vendors may not place any heating apparatus in the festival walkway.
  • Absolutely no flammable liquids near open flames or grills.
  • All generators must be placed behind your stand and out of harm’s way to the attendees.
  • If using electricity, be cautious of the number of cooking appliances that you plug into one outlet. If using electricity provided by the festival committee, please convey accurate amps and volts needed to power your equipment. Access to electricity may NOT be directly behind your stand. Bringing properly rated extension cords (commercial grade - 12 gauge rated) and about 100 feet of extension cord will also help to alleviate electrical issues at the event. There is no electricity available for Artisans/Crafters.
  • All exposed electric cords must be covered with some material to prevent a tripping hazard.  Please do not put electrical cords across the walkway or in the pedestrian walking area.  

Food Products

  • All food vendors must follow FDA Food Handling requirements.  Please have a copy of your valid state sales tax license and proof of insurance available during the festival.  Most non-profit organizations are exempt from the above rules.  We will have a food inspector in attendance at the festival.
  • The Muhlenberg Township’s Health Inspector respectfully reserves the right to conduct random audits of food supplies and quality. 
    (e.g. thoroughness of cooking, refrigeration, temperature, etc.).

If you are interested in being a vendor for Spring Fiesta, please fill out the following application:  SPRING FIESTA VENDOR APPLICATION.

Please be aware that submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into the event. Thank you. 

If you are contacted by anyone who claims to be from the Township on any social media platform requesting payment to reserve a spot, DO NOT send them any payments! The Township will only contact you via phone or email from a muhlenbergtwp.com account. We will never ask for payment through social media or request payment through PayPal, Venmo or CashApp.