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UPDATE - 11/28/23

The Pennsylvania-based fiber-optic internet provider, FastBridge Fiber, announces that construction will begin on its 100% fiber-optic internet network in Muhlenberg Township within the coming weeks.

Construction in Muhlenberg Township is scheduled to begin within the month, with customer installations expected to begin in early Spring of 2024. Area residents will receive a postcard and a door hanger notifying them of the process. Information on what to expect during construction can be found at

Once construction is complete, residents and businesses will have access to affordable and reliable high-speed fiber internet. FastBridge Fiber provides residential internet service plans with speeds starting at 500 Mbps up to 2 Gigs, as well as data networking services available for business customers. FastBridge's future-proof network allows for streaming, gaming, working, and learning from home seamlessly, and supports many connected devices on the network at the same time without interruption.

"FastBridge Fiber will provide many of our residents with a choice for internet service and we are excited to welcome them into our community. This not only expands choice and quality of service, but it is another example of the Township welcoming new business and technology that will benefit residents and local businesses alike," said Joe Mench, Assistant Township Manager and Director of Information Technology & Communications.

Those interested in FastBridge Fiber service may visit FastBridge Fiber Check Availability to submit their interest and to be notified once their address is available for service.

About FastBridge Fiber:

FastBridge Fiber is a modern fiber-optic internet service company providing ultra-fast and highly reliable service to homes and businesses over their newly constructed all-fiber network. FastBridge Fiber's network is built with today's customers in mind; customers with multiple connected devices demanding the fastest speed and highest reliability. Customers enjoy hassle-free pricing plans and attentive customer service with FastBridge Fiber. FastBridge Fiber is committed to hiring and investing in the local communities they serve.

For more information, visit

Fiber Internet Is Coming Soon! 


In today’s digital age, a fast and reliable internet connection is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. FastBridge Fiber is coming to the Muhlenberg area. Many residents and businesses will be able to enjoy the benefits of innovative fiber optic technology. 

Fiber internet represents a giant leap forward in connectivity, offering an array of advantages that make it the preferred choice over cable internet. 

Here are some key benefits that FastBridge Fiber Internet provides: 

Lightning-Fast Speeds: Fiber internet delivers fast speeds, capable of reaching gigabit-per-second (Gbps) levels. Fiber internet is also symmetrical, meaning it provides consistent upload and download speeds. With such speeds, downloading large files, streaming high-definition videos, and engaging in real-time online gaming become seamless experiences, without frustrating buffering or lag issues. 

Consistent Performance: Unlike cable internet, which suffers from performance degradation due to shared bandwidth, fiber optic connections maintain consistently high speeds even during peak usage times. 

Future-Proof Technology: Fiber optic infrastructure is built to withstand the test of time. Fiber internet ensures that your connection is ready to handle the ever-increasing bandwidth demands of the future. As technology continues to evolve, fiber internet will remain at the forefront, offering the best performance and reliability. 

Constructing a robust fiber internet network is an intricate process that requires time and expertise. FastBridge Fiber is committed to providing the community with a cutting-edge fiber optic infrastructure. 

To learn more about the construction please visit: Our team of dedicated professionals are working diligently to bring FastBridge Fiber to the area as soon as possible. We understand the anticipation and appreciate your patience. Rest assured, the wait will be worth it. 

Visit for more information and click check availability to submit your contact info to receive updates. 

What to expect

In construction, the first thing you may notice is temporary paint markings and locate flags that alert our crews of existing utilities. These are there for your safety and ours and are required by law. 

Next, you may see contractors working in the area installing our fiber-optic network. Our construction is performed within utility easements or public rights-of-way either on or directly adjoining your property. Construction activities may include trenching, attachments to utility poles, and installation of enclosures within the public rights-of-way or utility easements. In some areas, it may be necessary to access back lot utility pole line easements that run directly behind homes in order to place our facilities. 

Our crews will move as quickly as possible and restore disturbed areas to as close to the original condition as we can in line with industry best practices. We aim to minimize the disruption and complete construction quickly to provide you and your neighbors a high-quality, cost-effective, and future-proof internet option. 

Questions or concerns? Please contact us at: or 800.661.0232 

We hope that you're excited to be living in an area that will soon have access to the best internet technology available. We certainly are! 

Introduction to Fastbridge Fiber