Blighted Property Review Committee

The purpose of the Blighted Property Review Committee is to review blighted properties within the boroughs and townships of Berks County.

The Blighted Property Review Committee (BPRC) was created in 2015 to eliminate blighted conditions upon certain derelict properties that individually and collectively constitute a blight and nuisance in County neighborhoods. The Committee is comprised of 5 members.

Municipalities refer subject properties to the Committee who works with property owners to voluntarily remove blight. If conditions are not removed, the Committee can certify the property as blighted and submit it to the Berks County Redevelopment Authority (BCRA). The Redevelopment Authority can acquire such properties through the power of eminent domain and then hold, clear, manage, or dispose of such properties for reuse.


Blighted Property Referral Form

Blighted Property Review Committee Information