Code Enforcement Division

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement division of the Engineering Department works diligently every day to ensure Muhlenberg Township remains a safe and desirable place to live, work and play. The division focuses its efforts on gaining compliance with all Township ordinances that affect the quality of life in our neighborhoods and the general welfare of our residents. Code enforcement Division places public welfare above all other interests and recognizes that the chief function of the Code Department is to serve the best interest of the people through establishing and enforcing the minimum requirements to safeguard the public health, safety and general welfare attributed to the built environment.

This is accomplished through a fair and unbiased enforcement program where we:

  • Investigate complaints regarding violations of zoning, property maintenance and building codes
  • Conduct sweeps in blight-prone areas
  • Enforce the Pennsylvania State Uniform Construction Code.

Please note: Code Enforcement cannot enforce other laws/codes or violations on public streets and other areas. Complaints regarding vehicles parked on a public roadway and not on a resident's property should be reported via GoTo Muhlenberg App or directly to the Muhlenberg Township Police at their non-emergency number of 610-929-5454 to provide violation information.

Reporting an Issue

Should you wish to report a concern regarding a property located within Muhlenberg Township, please use one of the following methods:

  • Report issues or concerns via the GoTo Muhlenberg online portal (links to apps can be found there as well)
  • Telephone at 610-929-4727
  • Email
  • In person at the Muhlenberg Township Customer Service Center, 210 George Street, Reading PA 19605. Hours are M-F, 8AM to 4:30PM.

When reporting a code issue, please provide a specific address with as much detail as possible regarding the issue in question. This will help Code Enforcement identify the correct property and begin an investigation more quickly.

Please note: For your personal safety, please do not trespass on someone else’s property or confront the property owner in an attempt to settle the matter yourself.


Upon receiving a complaint, Code Enforcement will perform an inspection. Code Enforcement will then send a letter to the property owner listing all violations found which are subject to tickets and give a time frame to correct the violations. Should the violation still exist when the property is again inspected, a ticket will be issued. If the violation is still not corrected, additional tickets may be issued until it is brought before a District Judge. Complaints will be closed once a ticket is issued even if violation still exists. The process will be repeated if issue is left unresolved.