Community Involvement & Programs

  1. Community Notification
  2. Dog Walker Watch

Community Notifications

Facebook and Twitter allow us to deliver additional information to township residents and visitors beyond public safety alerts.  Through these additional services, we can provide timely notifications and announcements regarding community events, traffic advisories, and enforcement efforts. 

Facebook and Twitter accounts are free, so there is no cost to interested residents and visitors who would like to receive as much information as possible from the department. 

Citizen Complaints and Commendations

The Muhlenberg Township Police Department welcomes responsible citizen’s comments concerning the quality of service provided by the department and its employees to the community. 

Positive comments, criticisms, or complaints may be brought to the attention of any employee or directed to the Chief of Police, the Lieutenant, or a shift supervisor.

Inquiries concerning policy, procedure, or tactics used by the department will be addressed by a shift supervisor. 

Formal or informal complaints against the department or any employee will be reviewed by the Chief of Police and investigated through a regulated, impartial, and confidential internal investigation process, the outcome of which will be provided to the citizen in writing by the Chief of Police. 

A form is available on which concerns, complaints, or commendations can be addressed, click here for the form. You can also file your form online.  Citizens can choose to remain anonymous on complaint forms; however, a full investigation cannot be conducted if an investigator cannot contact the complainant.  Additionally, a citizen can opt to provide their complaint or commendation information verbally.