Planning Commission

The Planning Commission plays a critical role in the township's development, overseeing land use, zoning matters, and urban planning. It reviews and approves development plans, ensuring they align with the township's comprehensive plan and zoning ordinances. The commission works to promote orderly development while preserving community character and environmental resources.


  • 7 p.m.
  • 3rd Wednesday of every month

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Planning Commission Overview

A Planning Commission in a first class township like Muhlenberg plays a crucial role in overseeing the development and land use within the township. This commission is typically responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on matters related to zoning, land development, and subdivision plans. They ensure that these plans align with the township's comprehensive plan and zoning ordinances.

The Planning Commission's activities often include conducting public meetings and hearings to gather input from residents and stakeholders, which helps in making informed decisions that shape the township's growth and development. Their decisions and recommendations are guided by the goal of promoting orderly development while preserving the quality of life and ensuring sustainable use of resources.

Plan Submission Requirements

Please submission requirements* can be referenced via our online codebook -
Please note: depending on the size of the project and the workload of our engineer, you may not have a review letter in time for the meeting so we always recommend to applicants that they get the plans in as soon as possible so that the engineer can be sure to have a review letter in time.


  • Walt LaSota, Chairman
  • Robert Entler, Vice Chairman
  • Frank Sabatucci, Secretary
  • Diane Benson, Member
  • Kerry Good, Member
  • Dave Hepner, Member
  • Vanessa Pagan, Member
  • Eva Eisenbrown, Alternate