Snow Removal

Your Snow Removal Responsibilities

  • Vehicle Parking: If at all possible, park vehicles off the street in your driveway. Because of the added difficulty with plowing cul-de-sacs, it's especially important to get all vehicles off of them. If cars are parked in cul-de-sacs it may prevent the plows from clearing a passable area for you and your neighbors.
  • Driveways: The Township annually receives complaints about plowing driveways closed or covering sidewalks after a resident has spent hours shoveling them open. Unfortunately, during plowing operations snow is pushed to the right side of the road, regularly blocking driveways and parked cars and occasionally covering sidewalks.
  • The best way to avoid having to clear snow from your driveway multiple times is to wait until plowing operations are completed before you clean up. If you'd like to get a head start but don't need to get out of your driveway, consider not shoveling the last six feet toward the street until the plowing operation is complete.
  • If you need to clear your driveway before plowing is complete, you can minimize the amount of snow plowed into the driveway. Clear not only your driveway out into the street, but also all of the snow at least 10 feet along the street. This will allow plows to unload most of the snow before crossing in front of your driveway.
  • Sidewalks: Snow and ice must be cleared from sidewalks within 24 hours after the storm ends. If you can't completely clear your sidewalk because of ice conditions, treat it with sand or other abrasive material.
  • Not Permitted: Don't throw or blow snow into the streets or alleys. Pile the snow behind the curb line or street edge where it won't obstruct traffic movement or the Township's plowing operation.
  • Storm Water and Fire Hydrants: You're required to clear snow around fire hydrants on your property. You can also help minimize flooding by clearing snow from storm sewer catch basins located along your property.
  • Before Winter: Please check the position of your mailbox to insure that it doesn't extend over the edge of the street making it susceptible to plow damage. If your mailbox is damaged by a plow, notify the Township as soon as possible.

Above all, please be patient. If you have a problem, call the Township office at 610-929-4727 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. weekdays. If you receive a recording, leave your name, address, phone number and nature of your concern. After 4:30 p.m. emergencies only may be reported to the Police Department.

Snow Emergency

The Township will declare a snow emergency when a significant winter storm is predicted. When an emergency is declared, all vehicles must be removed from both sides of the streets that have posted emergency route signs until snow removal is completed and the snow emergency declaration has ended. To learn whether a snow emergency is in effect, please visit our website or watch for announcements on local TV and Radio stations.

Snow Emergency Routes - click for printer friendly version or if list does not display correctly on your mobile device

NumberSnow Emergency Route Street NameFromTo
N/ACherokee Ranch - Number 1 through 16N/AN/A
18th AvenueAllentown PikeHartman Avenue
2Apache LaneMohave RoadSioux Road
3Casa GrandeEl Hatco DriveLas Vegas Drive
4El Hatco DriveTuckerton AvenueTo the end
5Hartman AvenueTuckerton AvenueKutztown Road
6Hartman CircleCul-de-sacHartman Avenue
7Lamont AveHartman AvenueTuckerton Avenue
8Las Vegas DriveFifth StreetTo the end
9Mohave RoadEl Hatco DriveLas Vegas Drive
10San Mateo LaneTuckerton AvenueWilshire Road
11Silver Spur LaneCasa GrandeWilshire Road
12Sioux RoadEl Hatco DriveLas Vegas Drive
13Sunset RoadEl Hatco DriveLas Vegas Drive
14Sutter Mill LaneSioux RoadSunset Road
15Wagon Wheel LaneMohave RoadCasa Grande
16Wilshire RoadEl Hatco DriveLas Vegas Drive
17Chestnut StreetOak streetCounty Street
18Euclid AvenueBeginning5th Street Highway
19Fifth AvenueSharp AvenueDarby Avenue
20Frances StreetSharp AvenueSo Temple Boulevard
21Jefferson StreetKutztown RoadMadison Avenue
22Madison AvenueKutztown RoadFifth Street
23Park AvenueRaymond StreetJefferson Street
24Raymond StreetPark AvenueMadeira Plaza
25Tuckerton AvenueFifth StreetKutztown Road
26Vesta Place AvenueMonroe StreetGirard Avenue