Tax Office

The Tax Collector is an elected office position and handles all real estate tax payments. School, County and Local (The Township’s Taxes) are all billed and collected via the Tax Collector’s office. The Tax Collector can be reached by calling 610.921.3216 or by emailing

Current Tax Structure

A tax be and hereby is levied for the year 2024 upon real property within the Township of Muhlenberg, Berks County, Pennsylvania, at the rate of  Five and Three-Tenths mills, or Fifty-Three Cents ($0.53) on each One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) of assessed valuation:

  1. For road, bridge, and general Township purposes: 4.60 mills;

  2. For the purpose of purchasing, maintaining, and operating fire apparatus and making of appropriations to fire companies: 0.80 mills; and

  3. For the purpose of supporting ambulance and rescue squads serving the Township: 0.3 mills.

The 2024 budget process began this past July with a continued focus on maintaining the Township’s ongoing record of stable operations and strong financial performance in the face of record inflation.  These past years have been met with much uncertainty and many economic challenges, but this reality did not minimize our efforts to deliver high-quality services while adhering to tight budgetary controls.  

Rising costs will continue to be a challenge, but we are committed to planning for future years using the same fiscally responsible spending that has earned the Township a consistent AA bond rating.

The 2024 Proposed Budget was presented at the Board of Commissioners public workshop held on Saturday, October 21, 2023 to review the draft 2024 budget and make tough decisions regarding the appropriation of Township funds.  Modifications resulting from the Board’s review are incorporated into the budget.

This year’s General Fund operating budget shortfall totaled approximately $245,000. The General Fund operating revenue budget increased by $1,510,122 or 9.4% compared to last year.  This is due to the strong performance of our tax revenue and investments.  The General Fund operating expenditure budget increased by $997,447 or 5.9% from last year.  To balance the 2024 general operating budget, the Board has decided to allocate funds from the Township’s unrestricted reserves and not increase the tax mileage rate which will remain at 4.6 mills.  The Township maintains a cash reserve balance in order to purchase capital equipment for all Township departments, and improve Township roads and other capital projects.  The budget includes a $1,000,000 transfer for capital expenditures.

Muhlenberg Township continues its investment in economic development.  The Township completed the Revitalization Project of the 5th Street Corridor and is committed to bringing new businesses into the Township to further strengthen our community and increase our tax base.  

Fire and Ambulance Services

The Township continues to be very committed to providing quality emergency services. Part of that commitment includes providing the funds to pay the Muhlenberg Township Fire & Rescue operating costs together with equipment replacement.  In late 2022 we hired a full-time fire chief to strengthen and enhance the operations of the department.  Muhlenberg Township has been blessed with a solid pool of volunteers, however, to keep up with the increasing demand for fire services, this year’s budget includes the addition of two full-time fire employees. The fire millage rate will contain a small .2 Mil increase to help offset the cost of these enhanced operational changes.  This commitment also extends to the Muhlenberg Ambulance Association.  Over the past several years the Ambulance Association has operated on a deficit due to a decrease in memberships and revenues from services.  In 2022, the Township assessed a real estate millage of .1 to help fund the Ambulance Association, this year in an effort to also maintain and enhance EMS services, a small .2 Mil increase will be included in the 2024 budget. 

Pie Chart Showing Muhlenberg Township Tax Breakdown 2024