Tax Office

The Tax Collector is an elected office position and handles all real estate tax payments. School, County and Local (The Township’s Taxes) are all billed and collected via the Tax Collector’s office. The Tax Collector can be reached by calling 610.921.3216 or by emailing

County of Berks – Press Release

Treasurer’s office gives notice of 2021 Real Estate tax bills, reiterates taxpayer responsibilities 

Reading, PA— 2/23/2021 — The Berks County Treasurer’s Office sent the 2021 Real Estate tax bills to the post office today to be mailed to recipients. Due to the reported delays with the U.S. Postal Service throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the treasurer’s office sent the bills earlier than in previous years and wants to make the public aware of the following information regarding the 2021 Real Estate tax bills. 

If a taxpayer fails to receive their bill, the Local Tax Collection law notes the taxpayer is not relieved from paying those taxes and will be charged with the taxes as though the bill was received. The county does not maintain a list of properties held by mortgage companies for the payment of real estate taxes. If a taxpayer’s bill is paid by escrow held at a mortgage company, the taxpayer should work with their respective mortgage company to ensure their bill is received and paid. Individuals who pay their taxes directly and need a copy of their bill should contact their tax collector. A list of tax collectors can be found on the Berks County Assessment Office’s website:

The discount period for paying Real Estate Tax bills will run through March and April, followed by the face value period in May and June. The penalty period will begin July 1, 2021. Any bills not paid by December 31, 2021 will be turned over to Tax Claim. 

Tax deadlines have been extended for County,
Township & School Tax

County & Township Real Estate Tax* :
- Flat period extended from June 30th till September 30th
- Taxes from October 1st until Dec. 31st will be assessed a 10% late fee.
- Deadline to pay Tax Collector is 12/31/2020.
 - Unpaid taxes turned over to the Tax Claim Bureau by 01/15/2021.

 School Real Estate Tax*:
- Discount period is July, August & September.
- Flat period is October, November & December.
*For installment payments please refer to your tax bill
- Taxes paid after Dec. 31st will be assessed a 10% late fee.
- Deadline to pay Tax Collector is 12/31/2020.
 - Unpaid taxes turned over to the Tax Claim Bureau by 01/15/202.

 *Please note – After the Flat period ends for each tax bill, a 10% late fee will be assessed on the total due. 

*10% penalty added after deadlines for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th installment payments.


A resolution temporarily extending the payment deadline for the Township of Muhlenberg 2019 final/2020 estimated business privilege tax returns from April 15, 2020 to July 15, 2020 consistent with the extension granted by the United States Federal Government and Internal Revenue Service to federal taxpayers in response to the state of emergency currently in effect. Please view the pdf document below for more information.

Tax Resolutions - Extended Payment Period.pdf

Tax Structure

The total amount of the real estate tax each household pays is determined by your assessed valuation. The combined total Township tax is 5 mills (4.4 mills Municipal Property Tax and 0.6 mills Fire Services Tax) or $5 per $1,000 of assessed value and represents approximately 11.8% of your total property taxes. If your house is assessed at $100,000, you pay $500 annually for which you receive the following services:

  • Park and recreation activities
  • Police protection
  • Road maintenance
  • Street lighting
  • Etc.

A dedicated portion of the real estate tax supports the Goodwill and Temple volunteer fire departments.

Tax Structure: Muhlenberg Township 5 Mills, Berks County 7.657 Mills, School District 29.81 Mills