Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of all Muhlenberg Township buildings and roads including snow removal, leaf collection, road and building repair, and grounds maintenance.

2019 Road Projects

Proposed roads for 2019 include portions of Tuckerton Road, River Road, Little Street, Chestnut Street, Oak Street, Eleventh Avenue, Forest Avenue, Mountainside Road, Edgewood Avenue& Beaumont Avenue. 

During the road improvement activities section of the streets will be temporarily closed during workdays only to prepare and then apply hot bituminous materials. However, vehicular traffic will pass through the construction zone as directed by assigned traffic controller. Please keep in mind special needs school buses, mail and delivery services as well as emergency vehicles will be permitted to pass through. Therefore, minimal delays are anticipated when accessing your residence. During the above referenced work period, we would request the residents and their guest to park their vehicles off the street in their driveway or at a nearby street within walking distance.  If you or any of your family members are unable to walk to your residence, please contact the Road Superintendent for assistance. The Contractor will post DO NOT PARK signs ahead of any proposed activities.