Rental Inspection Program

Rental Property Inspections and Annual Renewals

Muhlenberg Township has adopted ordinance 2014-533, which requires any residential rental unit to be registered annually and inspected by the Township (once every 3 years) and to be put on a 3-year inspection cycle (with a $100 fee per unit /per inspection)  The Rental Inspection program page will serve as a resource for landlords for forms as well as any questions they might have. Well maintained properties ensure the safety of our residents and they help maintain higher property values throughout the Township. Initial registration is a one- time fee of $50 per rental unit followed by a yearly renewal registration fee of $25 per unit, plus a $100 per unit inspection fee (every 3 years).

For specific questions regarding your rental inspection, email Code Enforcement Officer Jeff Reitnauer at or call Customer Service at 610-929-4727.

Rental Information required by Berks Earned Income Tax

All landlords must complete a Rental Questionnaire Form (PDF) and return it to the Muhlenberg Township Offices. The questionnaire form is then forwarded onto Berks Earned Income Tax, who will provide a Business Privilege License to the landlord for tax purposes. Any and all business regarding this Business Privilege License must be handled through the Berks Earned Income Tax Bureau 610-372-8439 .

Inspection Forms

Online Scheduling

Schedule your rental inspection online.