On-Lot Sewage Management

Procedure for Pumping & Inspecting On-Lot Sewer Systems

  1. The Township will send you a letter indicating this is your calendar year to have the system pumped and inspected. This will happen every three years.
  2. Please contact your hauler and have the hauler contact Jeffrey Warmkessel to schedule an appointment for the inspection. Mr. Warmkessel, Sewer Enforcement Officer, can be reached at 610-987-0063.
  3. The hauler will give you a Manifest.
  4. The Township needs to have a copy of the manifest to keep on file for the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).
    • After your system is pumped, bring the manifest to the Engineering Department at the Township building, so that a copy can be made for the DEP.
    • At this time you will need to pay the $200 per tank inspection fee. The check should be made payable to Muhlenberg Township.
  5. The Township will also need a copy of your invoice to keep on file.

Do not allow the hauler to pump the system if the Sewer Enforcement Officer is not present to inspect the system. In the event you do, the system will be required to be pumped again, so that the inspection can take place.

Download the On-Lot Sewage Enforcement Registration Form (PDF).