Forms, Applications & Other Documents

Engineering, Codes & Zoning Documents

  1. Application for Certificate of Occupancy - Business/Industrial (PDF)
  2. Application for Certificate of Occupancy - New Construction (PDF)
  3. Application for Large/Public Gathering Event (PDF)
  4. Application for Zoning - Conditional Use (PDF)
  5. Application for Zoning Permit - Home Occupation Business (PDF)
  6. Application for Zoning Permit (PDF)
  7. Building Permit Application - Commercial (PDF)
  8. Building Permit Application - Residential (PDF)
  9. Commercial Plan Submission Guidelines for New Construction and/or Renovations (PDF)
  10. Disability - Handicapped Parking Information Packet (PDF)
  11. Electrical Permit Application (PDF)
  12. Fire License Application / Business Information Update Form (PDF)
  13. Grease Trap Permit Application Form (PDF)
  14. Grease Trap Quarterly Reporting Form (PDF)
  15. Health License Application / Business Information Update Form (PDF)
  16. Mechanical Permit (PDF)
  17. Muhlenberg Township Food Code (PDF)
  18. New Business Packet (PDF)
  19. Pennsylvania Business - Information for New Business Start-Ups (PDF)
  20. Plumbing Permit (PDF)
  21. Property Transfer Form/Application (PDF)
  22. Rental Inspection Landlord Checklist (PDF)
  23. Rental Inspection Scheduling Form (PDF)
  24. Rental Registration Questionnaire for Berks Earned Income Tax (PDF)
  25. Rental Registration/Inspection Application Form (PDF)
  26. Rental Tenant Form (PDF)
  27. Sewage Enforcement On-Lot Sewage Program Application (PDF)
  28. Street Cut Permit Application (PDF)
  29. Subdivision Land Development Plan Application Form (PDF)
  30. Trade License Application (PDF)
  31. Zoning Map (PDF)
  32. Zoning Notice of Appeal or Application Form (PDF)