Emergency Management Services

Pennsylvania law and Federal regulations mandate that each community must have an Emergency Management Coordinator. Muhlenberg Township is pleased to announce this in effect for our township.

What We Do

  • Emergency Operations Planning
  • Emergency Reporting
  • Fire Company, Emergency Medical Services, and Police Department Coordination
  • Resource Management
  • Training and Education

Emergency Planning

Emergency operations planning includes direction and control of emergency response activities by means such as:

  • Communications capable of directing emergency response activity
  • Emergency operations center or a field location
  • Public information on relevant hazards

Resource Management

Resource management includes maintaining contact with organizations and agencies capable of providing services, such as police, fire, and medical, as well as evacuation, shelter, utilities, and other resources that may be required to respond in an emergency.

Emergency Reporting

Emergency reporting involves tracking and reporting the use of resources including personnel, supplies, and equipment. Locally this information will assist us in predicting future needs requests from local, state and federal emergency management agencies. This will help to declare a local emergency.

Training and Education

Training and education involves providing information to public officials, emergency responders, and the public regarding hazards, protection and response measures, and emergency management concepts and skills. CEMA conducts regular training to evaluate management capabilities.